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Everything started in April 2069. Never ending bear market, scams, rugpulls. All people on BSC network are lost, except those who trusted in project created by Vault Doge Corporation, described by many survivors as true and only "Safu Keeper", the last hope of Binance Smart Chain.

Vault Doge ($VOGE) token is stylized on both Dogecoin and Fallout series. Our main goal is to create nice community to chill and make some beans together. Get on the Hype Train!

contract address



Total supply of $VOGE is equal 1.000.000. Reaching 1$ per token is nothing crazy, it's real. All of the supply is used to provide liquidity. Both max transaction and max wallet is limited to 2%. Tax will be divided for three main wallets and it's percentage will be correlated with marketcap of our project.

marketing wallet

dedicated for token promotion through calls and ads

community wallet

accumulated tax will be spent in accordane of the community's will


funds used for team payment and technical project development

total tax

Marketcap below 20.000$: 9% tax (7/1/1).

Marketcap between 20.000$ and 100.000$: 7% tax (5/1/1).

Marketcap above 100.000$: 5% tax (3/1/1).

smart holder

All of us are here to reach the moon. To make it, we have to work together like a team. Join our telegram group, be active, shill the project and take part in upcoming competitions.

Team is working on the project all time. There is no need to spam in chat "where dev" and "when call" stuff. All trolling and fud with no reason will be banned.

Paperhands are real and they like to sell few minutes after call. Remember, that's fine to take your profit as long as you are going to reinvest it on dips.

Our liquidity is based on BNB. We are in bear market right now, but we can feel that each day bull market is closer and closer. If BNB pumps, we gonna pump too. 

Road to the moon is not a one day journey. Take your time, chill with the rest of our community and let's have some fun. There is no limit for us!

frequently asked questions

Is it safu?

Only contract function we can modify is tax, but it's capped at 15% max.

Liquidity locked?

Yes. First lock is for 14 days. We will extend it if the project goes well.

Wen marketing?

All the time, but to avoid pump and dump calls are made in time intervals.

Wen renounce?

No plans on it yet. We want to lower the tax after breaking few milestones.

Can i join the team?

Already we have full squad, but any info about it will be on our telegram.

Where is dev?

Always in our telegram group, it may take few minutes to respond tho.

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